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PancakeCroc (Laganosuchus thaumastos): a 20-foot-long, squat fish-eater with a 3-foot long flat head with spike-shaped teeth. RatCroc (Araripesuchus rattoides), a 3-foot-long plant and grub eater.

additive learners: sneakier split Compensation in math is the process of reformulating an addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division problem to one that can be computed more easily mentally. Examples of additive compensation. It may not be easy to add 97 and 64 mentally. It is not easy to do any of these additions mentally.

Sortering af nyheder2019januar01 EurekAlert! – Breaking News 5000 Americans are happier in states that spend more on libraries, parks and highwaysAmericans are happier in states where governments spend more on public goods, among them libraries, parks, highways, natural resources and police protection, a Baylor University study has found.

PREFACE. The maiden is not altogether unpleasing to the eye, nor (without her piano and her views) insupportable to the ear, though in respect to comeliness distinctly inferior to the rainbow, and, with regard to the part of her that is audible, bleating out of the.

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The intrinsic unreliability of science.. but I don’t know squat about it.. You have led how many tens of thousands of people astray without one demonstration of your wild conjecture. Pasteur stands on evidence, You are a science fantasist.

Steve Aoki. I don’t know squat about this dude, except an article I just read about him in Rolling Stone and how his dad started Benihana and he is insanely popular for making EDM stuff and being generally happy. Red hot chili peppers. Just because I want to see them again. They just played Lolla without playing here, and I love them.

Weekend Picks: Beat the heat with these fun things to do | July 14-16 Mortgage Masters Group Watching the U.S. Women’s National Team celebrate their World Cup win is just as fun as watching them play. Why do these books seem so radical? By Lindsay Zoladz. By The Ringer Staff July 8

The Man Who Laughs [L’Homme Qui Rit] Victor Hugo.. he was forced to squat down in the great antechamber of the palace, and to remain in that posture a certain number of days, mewing like a cat, or clucking like a sitting hen, and pecking his food from the floor.. Conjecture has its.