Divorce And Housing Crisis in Florida…

Removing zoning and coding barriers to bring in more affordable housing options has been suggested. “While the county has recently publicized in the media that it wants to alleviate the affordable.

The United States has an affordable housing crisis. Its one of the biggest issues facing the United States in the coming years. Im surprised it hasnt been a bigger topic in the election. I work in real estate so this is a very interesting topic to me and Id love to hear about solutions youve hear.

Divorce is as common in the Florida Keys as fresh grouper and cold beer. census statistics released this week show that Monroe County – which includes the cluster of 1,700 islands floating off.

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Home Equity in Divorce. There is no question that these are dark times for homeowners in Florida. Hundreds of thousands of homeowners across the state are either delinquent or "underwater" on their mortgages, meaning that they owe more to the bank than what their property is worth.. The impact of the housing crisis extends to divorce.

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Loading. When asked what the state can do to help ease the affordable housing crisis in Florida, many recommended subsidies for workforce housing, incentives for developers to build more affordable.

Divorce laws in Florida include child support guidelines that judges use to figure out the support needed for a child and how much each parent has to pay. The court looks at both parents incomes and the childs health and child care costs. Floridas standard needs table lists support amounts based on the childs age and the parents income. The court can also set aside joint or separate assets of the parents in a trust or fund for future support and education for the children.

 · From the Keys up to the Palm Beaches, the Workforce housing crisis is impacting residents all throughout South Florida. We look at how we got here and talk about some potential solutions that may help ease the strain of living in paradise. interviews: maureen dunleavy, Vice President, Guidance/Care Center Inc.