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Braille Bricks: Concept by Brazilian agency Lew’LaraTBWA for the dorina nowill foundation for the Blind links Lego-like blocks to the braille alphabet. Braille Bricks is an awesome and clever concept of LEGO bricks that allows blind children to learn Braille in a funny way!

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Braille instructions for Lego sets are few and far between. We’ve created a system that allows blind and visually impaired people to build lego sets independently. We have instructions for 30+ sets of commercially available LEGO sets.

Using Lego-Like Bricks to Teach Kids Braille Is a Stroke of Genius. It turns out the braille alphabet uses a series of dot patterns that are remarkably reminiscent of the studs atop a Lego brick, and merging the two makes learning to read and write in braille far more enjoyable for kids. Braille Bricks are not officially associated with Lego,

Lego releases Braille bricks to teach blind and visually impaired children Lego has unveiled a new project aimed at helping blind and visually impaired children learn Braille in a "playful and engaging way." Lego Braille Bricks will allow children to learn the touch writing system through play.

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Lego are often seen as a smart game for kids, as it improves their cognitive abilities. The Dorina Nowill Foundation worked with Lew’Lara/TBWA to create a braille version that helps kids to learn how to read.. In one package, there are 26 bricks that represent the complete braille alphabet.