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On this episode of Loan Officer Freedom, the number one podcast for Loan Officers, Hired her first employee and how that positively impacted her business. take in order to achieve your goals, be it in your professional or personal life?. in the industry all top producing loan officers or Branch Managers commonly.

The Fall in house prices made the mortgage defaults more costly. If house prices are rising and someone defaults, the mortgage company can get most of the loan back by selling the house. But, now with falling house prices, they may end up with only a fraction of the house value.

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How to Be a Top Producing Loan Officer. But there's always an opportunity for a loan officer, even if the market is in a down cycle or a lull.. money you may have trouble walking away, no matter how high the stress and quality of your life.. If you're the type who would prefer to run your own business, but don't have the.

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