Low Mortgage Delinquency Levels Stabilize Consumer Credit Market

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 · Two major changes in the mortgage market go into effect this month, and both could help millions more borrowers qualify for a home loan. The changes will also add more risk to the mortgage market.

Across the country, the mortgage delinquency rate is expected to reach 2.51 percent by the end of 2015. The 60-day national delinquency rate peaked at 6.93 percent during the first quarter of 2010. In Texas, it peaked at 5.57 percent during the fourth quarter of 2009. The historic norm for national mortgage delinquencies is between 1.5 and 2 percent.

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Thirty-day mortgage delinquency soared to a two-year high, while serious delinquency climbed to a 19-month high. But foreclosure starts were the fewest since the recession. Last year finished with 2.743 million U.S. single-family loans that were either at least 30 days delinquent or in the foreclosure inventory.

TransUnion Insights: Inside the Mortgage Market. The latest Industry Insights Report found that the mortgage delinquency rate (the rate of borrowers 60 days or more delinquent on their mortgages) declined nearly 30% from 3.36% in Q3 2014 to 2.40% in Q3 2015. The delinquency rate has now declined 65% from its Q1 2010 peak of 6.94%.

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Partly due to the strong performance of these economic indicators, we expect originations and consumer balances to increase for most credit products. Looking at delinquency rates, we forecast delinquency rates to remain at either low or ‘normal’ levels as lenders have confidence to add slightly more risk to their portfolios.

"The low delinquency rates on home mortgages are a contrast to the rising delinquency rates on consumer credit. While home mortgage delinquency rates are at, or are near, their lowest levels in.

Consumer Credit Market Expected to Remain Strong in 2018 Even in a Rising Rate EnvironmentTransUnion forecast finds mortgage loan delinquency rate may reach lowest level since 2005 Follow us on.

 · data shows credit card usage On The Rise As Delinquency Rates Climb. The report also found that serious credit card delinquency rates per borrower (90+ DPD) increased in Q1 2018 to 1.78 percent, up from 1.69 percent in Q1 2017. That means the delinquency rate is now level with the 1.77 percent mark observed in Q1 2012, but it remains below the 10-year first-quarter average of 1.91 percent.