That’s Nick Young, DeMarcus Cousins & Dorell Wright Doing The “Shmoney Dance”

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That’s Nick Young, DeMarcus Cousins & Dorell Wright Doing The "Shmoney Dance" Home Prices Still Adjusting How much money can you save by living with your parents? Mortgage Masters Group Moving Back Home With Your Parents After College – How to.

Dummy, do you expect when one of the most popular lines in your song is "I caught a body I went with her for some of the time that I lived with her and I always thought it was ridiculous but I When I was a kid one of my mom’s cousins was transitioning to a woman and my Bff’s uncle became his aunt.

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[May 1984] When I first came to New York I was a dancer, and a French record label offered me a recording contract and I had to go to Paris to do it. So I went there and that’s how I really got into the music business. But I didn’t like what I was doing when I got there, so I left, and I.

Who Wants to see some cousins REAL fighting Justin Bieber does the Shmoney Dance, and as someone noted, the singularity may indeed be upon us. In doing so, the wild, young buck of pop/R&B joins a growing list of celebrities to co-sign the phenomenon Well, it won’t be to everyone’s taste. But that’s the great thing about the Shmoney.

Yesterday Iggy Azalea threw her boo Nick Young a surprise party and it looks like the fellas had some fun doing Bobby Shmurda’s "Shmoney Dance." Post tags: demarcus cousins dorell wright iggy azalea lakers NBA Nick Young shmoney dance.

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Shmoney Dance. The Shmoney dance was popularized by New York rapper bobby shmurda in his song ‘Hot N*gga’. According to Bobby Shmurda, he and associates normally do the dance after getting money though illegal activities, which they refer to as shmoney.

Break Out The Shmoney Dance. Now you can look forward to a French Montana remix. Epic Records executive, Sha Money XL, confirmed that Bobby has signed on the dotted line. "Deal is done @bobby_shmurda #EPIC no one does the underdogs better then me," Sha Money tweeted.