The reality of remortgaging: Brits underestimating £3.5bn* possible mortgage savings

Net mortgage borrowing fell to 3.5bn in February, down slightly from the 3.6bn posted in January, and lower than the six-month average of 3.8bn, according to data from the Bank of England. The data also shows that the number of approvals for house purchases also fell, from 66,700 in January to

In theory, that’s a big help for MoneySavers because it stops you a) underestimating the size of bag you can take in the cabin and shelling out unnecessarily for hold baggage and b) overestimating the size of bag you can take and being hit with a surprise £25 fee to check in your bag at the gate.

The Council of Mortgage Lenders, which represents the majority of banks. And the agency has a history of underestimating growth. It predicted only four per cent growth in 2004, for example, when.

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The broker set a target price of 11 for the shares as it felt the market was underestimating the higher long-run prices for zinc, copper and aluminium needed to cope with demand from China.

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Likewise, the group’s mortgage services division has been boosted, seeing a 16% increase in income and over £3.5bn of mortgages placed by buyers and sellers in H1. Low interest rates, competition between lenders and greater availability of mortgage products, have all contributed to growth in this side of the business, Connells said.

IN the 1980s more than eight out of ten mortgages sold were bought with an endowment policy. majority of claims made fail to achieve the maximum level of compensation possible because individuals.

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Brits are underestimating a staggering 3.5bn in possible mortgage savings, according to research from TSB. The lender said that the potential savings that homeowners could be making are being underestimated by nearly half.