The return of subprime lending

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"Subprime mortgage lending" is best defined as offering financing to an individual with poor credit, low income, limited documentation, or a combination of all those things, who generally wouldn’t qualify for a mortgage at standard market interest rates or at all.

Top executives from the 25 biggest pre-crisis subprime lenders. One Sunday, she says, she returned to her house to find a pamphlet stuck in.

Return of subprime lending. Gumbinger says that it took years for lenders to get past the bad loans of yesterday, manage troubled homeowners and become comfortable with the new rules of the mortgage market. With plenty of refinance and purchase mortgage borrowers to serve, lenders really haven’t needed to look outside the normal lending "box".

For example, “Sub-prime lender Springleaf Holdings has agreed to spend $4.25 billion in cash to buy Citigroup’s subprime consumer finance arm“. Obviously they must know something in order to invest that kind of capital. However, not everyone agrees that a return to sub-prime lending is a good idea.

"Subprime mortgage lending" is best defined as offering financing to an. despite the obvious elevated risk of default, because of the higher investment returns. guide to the return of subprime Learn what is meant by subprime or credit impaired and how the market has developed since 2007.

Subprime loans became a meaningful portion of the mortgage and auto markets only in the mid-1990s; not until the early 2000s did they account for more than a marginal share of the overall housing.

"Subprime Mortgage Lending: Benefits, Costs, and Challenges". Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System . "From Sub-Prime to Prime-Time – A Debate on the Current Financial Crisis" [ permanent dead link ] A panel of economists at Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs, Feb 28, 2008.

In general, though, subprime mortgages and stated income home loans more broadly open the homebuying market to demographics that have been largely shut out for years. What is a Subprime Mortgage? The definition of a subprime mortgage is changing quickly, and it’s important to redefine what subprime mortgages look like in 2015.