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The most obvious data point that “America Is Falling Out of Love With Silicon Valley,” as one Bloomberg headline put it, is probably the tumbling stock prices of. loneliness, being upset or feeling.

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Watch out! We’re diving head first into the city finals round with the Los Angeles Finals! Just how difficult were the Leaps of Faith? And how did the women do after a tough qualifier round? Join.

Duke received 36 of 64 first-place votes, but was upset at home Monday night by Syracuse in overtime. No. 12 Kentucky was next, joining No. 15 Marquette as the week’s biggest climbers by rising six.

"After making the summit at the La Malinche volcano, we began to descend. The 32-year-old girl told me that she tried to get up but slipped, my two friends tried.

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Of course, it only takes 1 scary move to shut you down (or god forbid send you tumbling down the face). If you are planning on soloing the First(or any of the flatirons), it’s far better to be an ultra well-rounded and level-headed 5.8 trad climber than a 5.12 sport climber with limited multipitch experience, if you get my drift.

While most climbers visiting the crag won’t bring a hammer for a day of climbing, you’ll need one for any serious cleaning or hardware placement. The best hammer for cleaning, and one which also works perfectly for pounding iron, features a pointy, slightly hooked end which can be used to quickly smash out compact dirt, mud, roots and moss clumps.

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Ellen VandeWater plunges into the net at gemstone climbing center tuesday in Twin Falls. Gemstone Climbing Center has a new net that will allow climbers to free solo walls – climb without a rope.

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